28 November – 01 December 2024


with Francesca Pellanda & Uta Eismann

As we are moving into the season of colder and shorter days and towards the end of the year – Francesca and Uta inviting you on a 4 day retreat to connect to your Yang and Yin energies and to reflect on the past months through yoga & meditation and mindful practices.

Especially in the time of entering winter, it is important to be aware of our life energy and to support it by utilizing the natural forces of the seasons. In winter, Yin dominates, which stands for stillness and reflection. We should focus on nurturing our bodies, using meditative practices and adjusting our diet to strengthen our life energy and prevent illness. Special attention should be paid to caring for our kidneys to boost our vital energy.

This retreat is designed to support you reconnect with yourself and a wonderful community of like-minded people. Through holistic yoga sessions, guided meditations & pranayama, mindful practices, chanting and sound healing, you'll tap into the wisdom of the changing seasons – slowly entering winter and the yin period, harnessing the energy of nature to explore your inner landscape.


We start the day with Pranayama & Meditation followed by a dynamic & creative Vinyasa Flow class. In the late afternoon we practice Yin yoga to wind down & release.

In principle, the yoga retreat is suitable for everyone, but it is an advantage if you have a regular yoga practice.


As a form of Self-treatment it is very essential to support the energy of our kidneys to promote our well-being and protect us from the challenges of winter. Techniques such as kidney and bladder meridian treatments and Qi Gong exercises can help to strengthen kidney energy and improve balance in the body. Gua Sha massages can also release tension and promote the flow of energy in the body.


The retreat will be taught in English (unless everyone speaks German).


• mindful practices inspired through TCM and Eastern naturopathy

• Chanting & Sound Healing



16:30 arrival

17:30 Opening Ceremony & Yang to Yin Practice

19:30 Dinner


07:30 Tea & Fruits

08:00 - 08:30 Guided Meditation & Pranayama

08:30 - 10:00 Dynamic Vinyasa Practice

10:30 Breakfast

Time to relax, read, Sauna, go to the sea, walk in nature etc.

14:00 Light Lunch

16:00 Workshops/Ceremonies

17:30 - 19:00 Exploring Yin & Yang Sheng through Yoga, Qi Gong & Sound

19:30 Dinner


07:30 Tea & Fruits

08:00 - 08:30 Guided Meditation & Pranayama

08:30 - 10:00 Dynamic Vinyasa Practice

10:30 Breakfast

12:00 Closing Ceremony & Farewell


The wonderful Vicky will cook delicious vegan food for us. She takes good care of our culinary needs and is selecting her products in a sustainable and seasonal way. Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy grains are a big part of her kitchen.

After the morning practice she prepares us a nourishing breakfast/brunch. In the early afternoon there will be a lunch snack or coffee & cake and a full meal in the evening after our Yin practice.

If you have any allergies or intolerances, please let us know in advance.


Accommodation will be offered in a shared double or shared 3/4 bedroom - single bedrooms possible on request.

Please indicate your preference when registering so that we can find a suitable place for you.


Early Bird per person

*for the first 5 registrations*

shared 3 or 4 bedroom: 630 €

double bedroom: 690€

Regular Price per person

shared 3 or 4 bedroom: 690 €

double bedroom: 750 €

Included in the price:

• 3 x nights (incl. bed linen & towels)

• 6 x 90 min yoga classes

• 2x workshops/ceremonies, specials

• yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, and blankets are available on site

• vegan food  

• sauna

Not included in the price:

• arrival and departure to the location (see FAQ)


Born in Italy in 1984, Francesca Pellanda began studying dance and theatre in Milan. After graduating, she worked as a dancer in various countries. In 2012, she began her naturopathic training in Berlin, focussing on Eastern naturopathy, including TCM, acupuncture, shiatsu, yoga and qi gong. Francesca has been practicing acupuncture and shiatsu in Berlin since 2016 and is constantly expanding her knowledge through further trainings and courses to support people on their path to holistic health.


Do I need to have a lot of yoga asana experience to take part?

No. We will always give different variations and modifications in the classes so that you can adapt the practice to your needs. However, we do not recommend this retreat for complete beginners.

I am pregnant. Can I still take part?

Of course, you can. We have had pregnant women in the past and we always offer options and variations depending on your needs.

How many participants will there be?

We will be a maximum of 15 participants plus the team (1 cook and 1 assistant, plus Francesca & Uta).

How do I get to the NONNA Hof?

It's approximately 2 hours by car from Berlin and 3.5 hours from Hamburg to Wietstock, where NONNA is located. If you are looking for a lift or could offer a lift with other participants, we are happy to help you arranging small groups to come together. If you are coming by train, take the RE3 from Berlin Hbf to Ducherow. From there we can book you a group taxi (the costs are shared by the group).

Do I need to bring anything in particular?

You should bring comfortable clothes for your yoga practice, your yoga mat (if possible) and anything else you need for your practice. If you feel like swimming and/or going to the sauna, bring your swimming gear and an extra towel. We also recommend bringing a good book, a journal for your thoughts and weatherproof clothing for nature walks and excursions.


For your registration write an email to