Uta Eismann is a certified yoga teacher and mindfulness coach based in Berlin. 

Uta Eismann is a certi-fied yoga teacher and contemporary dancer specialized in Vinyasa
and Jivamukti Spiritual
Warrior based in Berlin.

She has a background in contemporary dance and it was during her dance studies that she gained a deeper understanding of yoga and the impact it has on wellbeing.

Finding this practice empowered Uta to create a sense of inner peace and harmony, giving her the ability to tune in to how her body and mind feel each day.

Uta sees yoga and meditation as a way of connecting with her spiritual side and forming synergy between body, mind, and breath.

Since 2014, yoga has become Uta’s daily companion. This journey has evolved, instilling in Uta a deep appreciation and understanding of the diversity of yoga, including meditation, pranayama, mantra, philosophy, and spirituality.

Yoga has taught Uta to live a free, peaceful, mindful, and fulfilled life. To follow her purpose and her inner truth. To trust and to listen.

Uta is more than happy to share her knowledge and to guide you on your journey.

Current certifications:

300 hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training, PRACTICE Berlin
with Sandra Gerhard and Gunnhildur Hardardóttir

30 hrs Sound Mediation Training, Soneiro Collective

75 hrs Jivamukti Yoga, Peace Yoga Berlin
with Moritz Ulrich, Niklas Noack and Dana Sertel

250 hrs Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga, yogafürdich Berlin
with Victor Thiele and Frauke Schroth

Contemporary Dance Education, Berlin