Female Balance in your Yoga practice

In the realm of yoga and mindfulness, the ancient practices emphasize the importance of balance and harmony between mind, body, and spirit. For women, achieving this equilibrium involves a unique journey, one intimately connected to the natural cycles that define our femininity. In this article, we explore the concept of female balance and how embracing our natural cycle can lead to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Understanding the Female Cycle

The female body operates on a rhythmic cycle that encompasses various phases, including menstruation, ovulation, and premenstrual phases. Instead of viewing these cycles as inconveniences or obstacles, the principles of yoga and mindfulness encourage women to embrace and connect with the natural rhythm of their bodies. Using those four inner phases can also support you for a life back in balance.

Just like the moon, woman or cyclic beings experience a menstrual cycle in four phases every month. See it as a present, not as an obstacle.

Menstruation: Honoring the Pause

During menstruation, the body naturally turns inward, urging women to slow down and practice self-compassion. This phase is also called our inner winter – which makes complete sense, as the energy is more inwards and you feel like resting and nourishing yourself.

Gentle yoga poses, such as restorative asanas and meditation, can help cultivate a sense of peace and renewal during this phase.
Try to take as much rest as you need. Focus on your well-being, sleep, healthy nourishing food and take as much time for yourself as you need.

Follicular Phase: Time to flourish

After your menstruation the energy is slowly coming back. So this phase is also called our inner spring. And just as we see nature in spring wakening up again – this is also what happens to us as cyclic beings.

In your yoga asana practice you can again practice more active flows, as you might notice, that you feel more energized. Follow your intuition and be playful and experimental.

Ovulation: Cultivating Strength

Ovulation, characterized by heightened energy levels, is an excellent time for more dynamic yoga practices. You are now on the high point on your energetic level throughout the cycle. Engaging in strength-building poses and invigorating flows can help women tap into their inner power and vitality.
It’s also the period, where you might feel very social and are happy to hang out with your friends, connect to new business possibilities and everything seems to flow more easy. This is your inner summer.

Premenstrual Phase: Emotional Release

The premenstrual phase often comes with emotional fluctuations. Mindful practices like meditation and breathing exercises can assist in navigating these emotions, fostering a sense of balance and calm.
Practice softer flows and Yin Yoga to carefully listen to your needs. You might feel very airy and your mind and emotions seem to be everywhere and nowhere. That’s why we called this phase our inner autumn. Invite more rest again as we are preparing for our inner winter as well.

If we allow ourselves to celebrate and to fully embrace every phase of our cycle, we are preparing every phase wonderfully for the next which guides to more overall balance and harmony.

Cultivating Awareness

Mindfulness involves being fully present in the moment. By cultivating awareness of our body's natural cycles, women can develop a deeper understanding of their needs and make conscious choices that align with their well-being.


Mindfulness encourages self-compassion, especially during challenging phases of the menstrual cycle. Practicing self-kindness and acknowledging the ebb and flow of emotions without judgment can be transformative.

Intuitive Living

Embracing female balance through mindfulness allows women to live more intuitively. By listening to the body's signals and adjusting daily activities accordingly, women can enhance their overall well-being.

Create Your very own Practice

Tailor your yoga practice to align with your energy levels throughout the menstrual cycle, incorporating both gentle and dynamic sessions.
Trust your very own journey and enjoy the inner and outer balance you will gain back.

Mindful Breathing

Incorporate pranayama and mindful breathing exercises into your daily routine to connect with your body and reduce stress.
I can highly recommend Nadi Shodhana or Surya & Chandra Bhedana, depending on the phase of your cycle.

Take time for Journaling

Maybe you already journal regularly and enjoy writing your thoughts down in the morning to connect to your inner world. Keeping a menstrual cycle journal besides that to track physical and emotional patterns can be a great tool to observe daily changes in your thoughts, emotions and needs. This practice can enhance self-awareness and aid in planning a balanced lifestyle without putting to much pressure on yourself.

In the journey of embracing female balance, yoga and mindfulness offer invaluable tools for women to reconnect with their bodies and live in harmony with their natural cycles. By incorporating these practices into our daily lives, we can cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for the beauty and strength inherent in the female experience.

Enjoy your cycle – enjoy yourself!