Autumn – time to get cosy

Autumn is fully here, reminding us to wind down and let go, just like nature. If we look at nature, the leaves are falling; nature releases and prepares for winter, for rest and recovery. And so do we. We just forget sometimes amidst our busy lifestyles.

I used to feel very nostalgic and sad once summer ended. In recent years, I've learned to appreciate and love autumn for its invitation to slow down and get cozy, for all the beautiful colors, and for the last warm rays of sunshine.

To fill this darker season with light & pleasure – here are my tips to enjoy this season to the fullest.

Enjoy the early hours of the day

Yes, getting up early, especially when it´s still dark outside can be challenging – but you will feel so much better with getting this early morning light in and this crisp air, too. Start with a small run or walk around the block. Try it out!

Take cold showers

Taking a cold shower after your hot shower can benefit your mood and support your immune system massively. In the last years ice bathing became a bit of a trend, not without reason. I am taking cold showers after my hot shower for more than 10 years now, and I don´t want to miss it. I know, it needs some overcoming, but I promise you will love it. And a big bonus of doing it: once you get out of the shower, you won´t be cold as your body produces more heat from within to warm up again. Read more on it here.

And as I don´t have a medical background: if you aren´t sure about it, if it´s healthy for you, please consult your medical doctor.

Drink and eat warm

Increase your intake of hot drinks and food. Warm your body from within with lukewarm water in the morning (also boosts your digestion!), a tasty chai, healthy soups, stews and curries. Also spice up your meals with nourishing spices like ginger, chili, curcuma, cardamon and cinnamon. Simply take more time again for cooking and nourishing yourself. Try out a new recipe and invite your friends – they will love it, too.

Take time for self-care

My friends call me the self-care queen, and yes: I truly am. I simply need it to recharge and nourish my body and soul. And I truly want to invite you to do something good for yourself, too. Do whatever does you good, no matter if it´s a walk in the forest, a massage, soaking in a hot bath, going to the sauna etc. Make it into a routine, but not to have even more in your calendar. Fill your cup first to be ready to serve others.

In the last month I tried the amazing products from Hamburg label “Hello Sue”. I adore their products, especially the Body Balancing Oil and the Feet Balm. You can also read my experience here on the Hello Sue blog.

Spend time in nature

For many of us living in cities, it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, right. Whenever you can, get out the city and spend some time in nature. Enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn in the woods or in the park in your neighborhood. Smell the beautiful earthy scents of the season. Feel free to collect conkers or leaves. No matter if the sun is out or not – get out and breathe in this fresh crisp autumn air. Afterwards you will enjoy your cozy home even more.

Adapt your yoga practice

Autumn reminds us to slow down and maybe your yoga practice, too. For the ones who know me: I am a very active person – I have lots of Vata and Pitta energy in me ¬– and I love practicing dynamic vinyasa yoga a lot. In the last years I understood though, that it´s not always about pushing harder and overstepping our limits. As we carry both qualities in us – Yang and Yin – we need both to stay in balance. Yin and Restorative Yoga reminds us beautifully to these qualities. And so are intuitive movements, too. Join me on Wednesday at 8:15 pm for a Yang to Yin class at Yoga on the Move (you can join online, too). Love to have you in class!

Reconnect to sound & music

Take some time to listen to your favorite music. Music and sound have the power to let us travel in space and time. Maybe you used to play an instrument, but you forgot about it over time. Feel free to sing whilst your shower and simply enjoy reconnecting to your voice and the music around you. There is an autumn playlist here for you.

Rest and slow down

As we are all part of nature, simply take enough time for yourself to rest and to integrate. Harvest your fruits from the past months and enjoy it. Now is the time. Also make sure to get enough sleep and minimize your intake of screens and blue light before bedtime.

I am happy to support you with those tips & insights in the autumn season.