Summer is here and with it the heat.

Summer is fully here and with it the light and heat of the season. Speaking for myself, summer is simply my favorite season – probably also because I am born a few days after summer solstice – I just love these long and balmy days, which are here to fully enjoy. Life seems easier in this time of year.

Nevertheless, through obvious reasons like Climate Change we are experiencing hotter summers and extreme heat as summers tend to get hotter every year. That´s why it´s useful to know some tools how you can cool down body & mind. Therefore, I am more than happy to share my tips with you.

Rise up early

Especially on very hot days, getting up early and using this early and slightly cooler hours of the day can be useful to work out in the mornings, practice yoga & meditation and to get this early morning light in.

Air your house early & then keep your windows closed

Adapt to the southern European lifestyle and air your house in the early morning hours between 5 and 8 am. Afterwards keep everything shut till the late evening or simply when it cools down. If you have – also keep your blinds down or shutters closed to simply keep the heat out.

Stay hydrated

More than ever on hot days: drink lots of water as your body simply needs it. If pure water gets boring, add fresh watermelon, mint, cucumber, orange, or lemon to your carafe. Also eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits with lots of water, like cucumber, green salad watermelon etc. In Ayurvedic traditions it´s recommended to better drink lukewarm water or warm drinks like herbal teas, because your body needs less energy to process those comparing to ice-cold drinks.

Take a dip

If you can, escape the city and turn a hot day into a lake day out in nature with as many swims as you like. If hiding in nature isn´t accessible, go to a local outdoor swimming pool or stick to cold showers and foot baths.

Cover your head

Sun strokes aren´t fun and they can surprise you very quickly when you must be out in the mid-day heat. I already got one this summer and honestly – it wasn´t fun! Hence make sure to cover your head with a hat or cap.

Stay out of the mid-day heat

If you don’t necessarily have to be out in the sun between 12 and 3 pm, try to be in the shade, in your cool home or in an air-conditioned space.

Practice soft asana & pranayama

On hot days there is simply no need to push yourself to hard in your asana practice or in your work out regime. Practice a softer and quieter sequence. Restorative inversions like Viparita Karani or putting your legs up on a wall can support you in calming down and bringing lightness back in your legs. One of my favorites here – some of you already know it – is Sitali Pranayama. This cooling breathwork supports you in cooling down both body and mind, as you inhale cold air through your tongue or teeths. If you don´t know this breathing technique yet, then check on my Instagram, where I put you a little video or read in here.

Take it easy & enjoy

Simply enjoy this season as much as you can, the light, and the warmth on your skin. Being out with your friends and making the most out of it. Felling and living the full bloom of this season – because there will be other times of the year, where we are all starving for summer, right?